Wednesday, January 14, 2009

13 Years

Apparently, tomorrow is forecasted to be the coldest it has been in 13 years in Milwaukee. My husband’s opinion is that 13 years really isn’t all that long. That got me thinking as to what I was doing 13 years ago and the changes Milwaukee has gone through.

Thirteen years ago it was 1996. I was still in high school and taking the MCTS bus to school every day. I tried to think back if I had any days off school due to cold weather, but I can’t remember back that far. High school seems like a lot more than 13 years ago.

Many things have changed in Milwaukee over the past 13 years. This city is a different place with so much more to offer and a city that now takes pride in its downtown. That wasn’t so much the case back in 1996. I remember growing up as a kid and only going downtown to visit the Milwaukee Public Museum. Wow how things have changed. Nowdays I frequent downtown daily for work and at least 3 times a week for fun.

I guess 13 years can be a long time depending on how you look at it… and what your talking about.

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  1. 13 years ago I was at UWM and just starting to discover downtown Milwaukee...although at that time, the only "area" to discover was Water St. My how things have changed!